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December 17, 2019
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Dentures provide an invaluable improvement to quality of life for people missing multiple teeth. When you first start wearing dentures, it may require an adjustment period as you settle into your new prosthetic. With a little time and some helpful tips, you can enjoy a full, positive life using dentures. Here’s what you need to know about your life with full and partial dentures.

Make Sure the Fit is Right

Your dentures are uniquely crafted based on your own personal impressions, and they should fit like a natural part of your mouth. If something feels just a touch off, resist the temptation to just shrug it off. Tell the dentist about any fit issues. A simple adjustment may be all that’s needed to make the fit better, and you’ll be much happier wearing and using them in the long run.

Remember also that your facial features change gradually, and over time, your dentures won’t fit as well. This is especially true with immediate dentures, which are applied before the gums heal and won’t fit as securely once the inflammation stops. The dentist will monitor your fit, and take whatever steps are necessary to ensure your comfort.

Let Yourself Adjust

Having new teeth in your mouth, especially if you’ve been without for a significant period, will take some getting used to. It will likely impact your speech and eating, and you may experience excess saliva as your mouth adjusts to the new device. Remember, however, that this phase is only temporary, and relatively short. Don’t stress over the adjustments, but acknowledge that you need time to learn how they work. A bit of patience will make the transition easier and the experience more rewarding.

Eat Like You Love It

If you had teeth extracted due to pain, decay, or other oral health reasons, you most likely had to limit your diet to accommodate the issue. With dentures, however, this is no longer the case. Your dentures are designed to function as real teeth, so once you’re used to them, don’t be afraid to put this to the test. Try eating foods you love, and allow yourself to enjoy the process. Just be sure to clean them well afterward.

Keep Them Clean

Messy dentures aren’t fun for anyone, and they can leave you open to bad breath and gum disease. Clean them thoroughly and regularly to ensure you won’t have to deal with either. Rinse your dentures after eating, and soak them in a cleaning solution at night. The best cleaning method will depend on what the dentures are made of. Contact the dentist if you’re unsure.

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